Yagya / Havan

What is Havan/Yagya?

Havanam / Havan or Yagya is the term for a sacred purifying ritual (yajna) in Hinduism that involves a fire ceremony. It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the fire god Agni.

It is performed to please the gods or to attain certain wishes. An essential element is the sacrificial fire - the divine Agni - into which oblations are poured, as everything that is offered into the fire is believed to reach the gods. It is believed that this sacrifice will bring health, happiness, luck and prosperity.

Havan/Yagya also brings high energies into our minds and body thereby paving way for the positive thoughts, actions etc. to enter into our life. They help in re-vitalizing the three energies in our body (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and help in maintaining the energy balance.

Havan also helps in propitiation of deities responsible for the attainment of various virtues and prosperity and help in fulfillment of materialistic and physical needs.

A Havan is performed for -

   1. Cleansing of the atmosphere
   2. Cleansing of the physical and psychic bodies
   3. Awakening of auspicious energies
   4. Enabling mystical experiences
   5. Invoking grace of God in our Lives

After lighting a Havan Kund (sacrificial fire), objects such as fruits, honey, or wooden goods are put into the sacred fire.

How to Perform a Havan /Yagya ?

Place - A clean place is selected for the Havan. Participants should shower, wear clean clothes and sit in easy postures. After prayers, fire is lit and Vedic Mantras are chanted and offerings are made to God.

Time - It is most beneficial and most preferred to perform Havan in Morning time(sunrise time) or Evening time(sunset time). You can perform it at any other time also. Its important to keep in mind that the Mantras for morning and evening are different.

A Learned Priest -A Vedic  yajña is typically performed by priest by reciting or singing Vedic verses.Usually, there will be one fire in the centre of the offering ground and items are offered into the fire. Among the items offered as oblations in the yajña include large quantities of ghee, milk, grains, cakes, or soma.

Duration of Havan/Yagya -The duration of a yajña depends on the type; some can last a few minutes, hours or days and some even last for years, with priests continuously offering to the gods accompanied with sacred verses.


While preparing for an vedic Havan/Yagya , You need following things -

1. Havan Kund - One of the most important part for the ritual is the Havan Kund. It's a very sacred structure from where the fire communicates all our prayers to different deities. The structure itself generates energy to perform the ritual.

2. Pure Ghee ( Cow Milk Ghee)  -  is a class of clarified butter .

3. Havan Samigri - This sacred powder is used in Yagya for peace, prosperity of marriages, and other festive occasions. .It is a mixture of  pure, superior, natural herbs and roots like sandalwood powder, lobaan,Gangajal (Holy Water),Mauli (Sacred Thread),Laung(cloves),Elaichi (Cardamom) and ghee.It is an ideal product of performing any yagya/Havan.

4. Mouli (Red Cotton Sacred Thread ) - Mouli or Kalawa is a cotton red thread roll, considered to be very sacred and used in all religious purposes of the Hindus. The thread is used as an offering of cloth to the deity. The Mouli thread is an integral part of any puja. Normally the Mouli is tied around the Sadhana article, that is, Mouli is tied around a copper tumbler filled with water

5. Camphor few small tablets  - To initiate the sacred fire.

6. Cotton wool - To initiate the sacred fire.

7. Samidha(Havan wood)  - Dry, small size wood for havan

8. Match Box- To initiate the sacred fire.

9. Water in 3-4 glasses and jug/Lota - To do achamanam/Sankalp i.e Initiating yagya/Havan

10. Fresh Fruits /Dry Fruits- To Offer in Yagya

11. Long Spoon for Ghee - To pure ghee into the Havan kund.   

12. Fresh Flowers - To Offer in Yagya

13. Home Made Prasaad or Ladoo - To Offer in Yagya

14. Uncooked rice (in a small plate)- To Offer in Yagya

Havan Kund

Pure Ghee

Havan Samagri

Mouli(Sacred Thread)
Samidha( Wood for Havan)
Camphor few small tablets
Cotton wool balls

Water in 3-4 glasses and jug/Lota

Fresh Fruits /Dry Fruits

Long Spoon for Ghee

Home Made Prasaad or Ladoo